Samus Zero Suit

Origins: Metroid

Classification: Chozo DNA imbued human, Galactic bounty hunter

Threat level: Demon without armors/suits or with only Zero Suit, Nova- with her peak weaponry, Quasar with White holes

Physical strength: Class 100+, at least building+ level striking (Performed feats of superhuman agility without her suit as a 14 year old in a planet with over 800 times the Gravity of Earth), even higher with any of her armor suits

Destructive capacity: Star level for her peak weaponry shown (Has beaten planetary threats like Dark Samus which survived a planets destruction atop of a dimensional collapse, just for 1 example and the Omega Cannon which she obtains in Metroid Prime Hunter was stated to be a weapon capable of wiping out futuristic civilizations. Even her ice beam has been noted capable of freezing small stars.), at least multi solar system+ via White holes

Durability: Likely town without armors/suits or with only Zero Suit, likely star level with peak tech (although her firepower has beaten planet level beings, she herself would die from being to close to an explosion from the Omega Cannon or for example has been threatened by planetary devastation several times in her career)

Speed: FTL+ (Trained dodging beams in Zebes atmosphere of over 800 G and this without any suit. Going by the virtue of this being done under such high gravity, she should be much faster in reality, such as when she blatantly blitzed and intercepted space pirate beams, being considerably far away before they where even shot. Fought Ridley whom was fast enough to compete with her spaceship and Dark Samus whom could travel across star systems in timeframes so short it would have to be FTL even as a minimum.)

Stamina: Very high. As already mentioned she grew up with imposed with superhuman training on Zebes despite its massive gravity. Completed her mission on Zebes even after being stepped on by Kraid and being punished both mentally and physically against Ridley.

Intelligence: Very high, likely genius. Samus is the most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy, effectively making her an expert in combat, survival, logistics and likely some forms of technology and science.

Standard equipment: Zero Suit directly on her body and Power suit with all its multiple functions like beams, shot charger, missiles, super missiles, morph ball, bombs, power bombs, visors and even more.