Origins: Deathtopia

Age: 19

Classification: Human, "Police" officer (special anti-"cheater" agent)

Threat level: Wolf-

Physical strength: Superhuman striking (Physically strongest out of the anti-cheater squad girls and Yui split a man with her slash. Won the boxing nationals during her high school days and was certified as an olympic athlete)

Destructive capacity: Street level+

Durability: Peak human+

Speed: Peak human, possibly superhuman reactions (Fights with "Cheaters" whom are basically superhumans), obviously her gunshots are at least supersonic

Intelligence: High. Selected for a secret elite unit despite her young age. Although the most hot headed of the group, she has proven herself highly perceptive, analytical and well trained just like Yui or Maya.

Stamina: High. Can continue fighting even if wounded.

Standard equipment: 12-mm gun

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