Origins: Bleach

Classification: Shinigami, Trascendental (higher dimensional spiritual being), (former) Gotei 13 captain (6th division)

Threat level: Maoh+

Physical strength: At least continent+ level striking (Bleach God tier)

Destructive capacity: At least continent+ (His previous form was by scaling far stronger than country level Kenpachi. Current form is even stronger, likely stronger than bankai Kenpachi. Implied he could drag down Soul King Palace even while being restricted on his power output, Soul King Palace consists of several city like structures and is basically a planetary distance away.), likely moon+ (His attribute as war potential was reiatsu, as a God tier he should be at least near Ichigo whom could hurt Yhwach.)

Durability: At least continent+, likely moon+ (should be comparable to his power output, took a casual attack from final battle Yhwach and came out unscathed), immortality makes him extremely hard to take out (survived the final battle with Yhwach even tho Yhwach made multiple holes in his body and smothered him in his sludge)

Speed: Likely sub-relativistic (should be supeerior to Mimihagi and pre-Soul King Yhwach)

Intelligence: Super genius. Only being acknowledged as clearly superior in intellect to him in the verse is Kisuke Urahara. Fooled Soul Society for over 100 years while running his plan behind the scenes, effectively manipulated a good deal of Ichigo's life, has several inventions to his name. Effectively a battle genius, one of the most skilled fighters in the series with great analytical skills which he makes use of in combat usually with mental warfare.

Stamina: Very high. Should be one of the highest in the series, effectively being able to keep fighting with serious injuries like slashes across his thorso. Possibly nigh limitless due to alledged immortality and regeneration granted by fusing with the Hogyoku.

Standard equipment: Zanpakuto (Kyoka Suigetsu, currently fused with his being), Hogyoku (infused into his being ever since he turned into a true trascendental being)

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