Origins: Kill La Kill

Classification: Life fiber imbued human

Threat level: Maoh

Physical strength: Continent+ level striking (Could effectively use scissors that were kilometers in lenght, which would require over a trillion tons of force for usage, this without Senketsu-Kisaragi which is several times stronger. Apparently made a continent sized hole while flying through Covers life fibers wrapping around Earth.)

Destructive capacity: Continent+

Durability: Continent+

Speed: At least massively hypersonic (can reach orbit in a few seconds, has massively hypersonic feats even in her regular Senketsu form which is several times lower in stats than Senketsu-Kisaragi)

Intelligence: Average. Generally average although has shown to be a witty and creative fighter.

Stamina: High. Fought the entire 4 Deva's in a row despite each of them providing an individual challenge for her. She has considerable regeneration as well by late series which helps her out.

Standard equipment: Senketsu (a life fiber produced sailor uniform which grants her power and moral support) and the sword-scissors (2 blades forming a scissor made from super hardened life fiber, which is harder than any metal on earth)

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