Origins: Project ARMS


Alias/aka: The Jabberwock

Classification: Human/Alien hybrid, ARMS subject

Threat level: God+

Physical strength: City block

Destructive capacity: Planet+ (A well renowned scientists claimed a fist full of anti-matter could likely completely destroy the planet, "The Jabberwock" can produce 2 fist fulls and of much larger size than an average fist)

Durability: Likely planet+ (although greatly damaged, "The Bandersnatch" survived Ryo's anti-matter, "The Jabberwock" is the strongest ARMS and thus should likely scale equal or higher than this, regeneration makes him harder to kill)

Speed: Hypersonic+, relativistic reactions and short bursts with hyper acceleration

Intelligence: Very high. Ryo is overall very calm and analytical. An excellent leader, tactician and combatant whom due to his wits managed to survive being hunted by the government even when his powers weren't too impressive.

Stamina: Extremely high. No upper limits shown as The Jabberwock, capable of continuing to fight even with severed pieces.

Standard Equipment: None notable, "The Jabberwock" is his "standard equipment" as its infused with his being on nanoscopic levels.

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