Rukia's Full Appearance
Origins: Bleach

Classification: Shinigami, Gotei 13 vice-captain (13th division)

Threat level: Dragon-

Age: 110+ years old

Gender: Female

Physical Strength: Likely town level striking (Via scaling, she is now in league with the upper end captain class fighters)

Destructive capacity: City (nearly one-shotted base As Nodt, somewhat ignores durability as its a hit transmitting absolute 0), higher with her bankai Hakka no Togame (a freezing even more intense than her absolute 0 bankai, it reduced to particles As Nodt whom had managed to break out of Rukia hitting him with absolute 0)

Durability: City (although more delicate once she drops her body heat too low while using her shikai and bankai)

Speed: Massively hypersonic (blitzed As Nodt, comparable to Renji and could keep up in combat with Bazz-B apparently)

Intelligence: High. A talented shinigami whom could of been high ranking in her division if it werent for her step brothers interference. Her arowtht asan even faster pace than Renji during their training with the Royal Guard.

Stamina: Very high. Her shikai and her bankai place great stress and even damage her own body yet she still has to manage them perfectly to avoid drastic or even fatal harm. Managed to stab Aarroniero's face despite already being impaled, thus claiming victory and even surviving with such wounds.

Standard Equipmenment: Her zanpakuto (Sode no Shirayuki)

Rukia bankai bleach 570 by stingcunha-d782x9r

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