Origins: Street Fighter

Classification: Human, Soul power user

Threat level: Demon-

Physical strength: At least multi block+ striking (Strong enough to ram her hand through Bison's chest)

Destructive capacity: Town+ (Via scaling, her power is comparable to base Bison's)

Durability: Town+ (Not only has she taken blows from Bison, she even managed to survive a fight with Akuma)

Speed: At least supersonic+ (Above a good deal of SF characters barring the top tiers and a few high tiers, a good deal of supersonic+ characters being under her)

Intelligence: Very high. Rose is a serene, respectful, intelligent, and independent woman who muses quite a lot on destiny and fate. Wise and sophisticated, she is not prone to anger easily, and has a very calm demeanor, even in battle. Knows that power must be backed by skill and shows so in combat. Her foresight via fortune telling is also worth noting.

Stamina: High. Has fought till exhaustion against characters like M. Bison.

Standard equipment: Scarf (very large, of a golden yellow-ish color), tarot cards

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