Zoro Pre TS-0

Origins: One Piece

Alias/aka: "Pirate Hunter" Zoro

Classification: Human pirate, Supernova (Worst generation pirate star)

Threat level: Wolf+ || Tiger- || Tiger || Tiger+ || Dragon-

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert Swordsmanship, Can generate Wind Blades and Tornadoes with Sword Slashes, Resistance to Cold Temperatures

Physical strength: At least Large Building level striking (Matched Buchi's strikes) || At least city bllock+ striking strength, likely higher (Somewhat comparable to Luffy) with Class 1000+ lifting strength (Could toss a small building while being injured) || Multi block+ striking strength (Somewhat comparable to Wiper) || At least Multi block+, higher with Asura || Town level striking (Managed to damage Oars with his strikes) || Mountain (Sliced Pika's mountain sized golem)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least Large Building (Stronger than Buchi, who can do this) || At least City block+ (Considerably stronger than before, as now he can cut through steel which he previously was not able to do so), likely higher (Got in a fight with Luffy in Wiskey Peak, where he managed to match all of his strikes making him somewhat comparable to him) || Multi block+ (Was able to match Wiper's attacks. Invented two new techniques, which made him much stronger than before) || At least Multi block+ (Matched Kaku in both his base and Zoan form), higher with Asura (Overpowered Kaku's Amanedachi and one-shot him) || Town (Managed to deflect a punch from Oars) || (Mountain (Slicing, not directly busting)

Durability: Building. Building+ (Could take heavy beating from Hachhan even when he was severaly injured with his fight against Mihawk) || At least city block+ striking strength, likely higher || Multi block+ || Multi block+ (Took several blows from Kaku and continued fighting) || Town (Took a direct blow from Oars while in injured condition and was ready to fight again relatively quick) || (Mountain (Can take hits at least as strong as his own)

Speed: Supersonic (Could keep up with Luffy) || Hypersonic+ || Hypersonic+ || Massively Hypersonic (As fast as Kaku if not faster, whom is above Kalifa) || Massively Hypersonic || At least massively hypersonic (At least high 3 digits, likely 4)

Intelligence: Low at first appearances, but is actually somewhat smarter. Has shown great improvement strategy wise since the timeskip. A genius in swordsmanship with a great deal of combat experience.

Stamina: Extremely high. Capable of taking severe beatings since early series, to the point he got a life threatening injury from Mihawk, but still fought Hachhan and then Arlong, arlong being shocked at how he was even alive in that condition. In Thriller Bark, he took damage from fighting sword master Ryuma, the giant Oars, the Shichibukai Kuma and then still received all the damage Luffy had received during Thriller Bark yet still survived. Has same level of consistent showings throughout the series.

Range: Extended Melee Range, Hundreds of Meters with ranged Slashes

Weaknesses: Has an absurdly bad sense of direction (literally so bad that it goes against common sense, its a constant in-series gag).

Standard equipment: 3 legendary swords (all katanas)

Keys: East Blue Saga || Alabasta Saga || Skypeia Saga || Enies Lobby || Thriller Bark/Sabody Arc || Dressrosa Saga

Noteworthy techniques and abilities

Tora Gari (Tiger Hunt): Zoro puts his hand swords over his mouth blade and swings forth a forward descending slash with them. At close-range, this can incapacitate at least two average foes at once.

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