Origins: Baccano!

Classification: Demon, Martillo Family's secretary

Threat level: Demon+

Powers and abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, immortality and regeneration, teleportation, possible omnipresence, telepathy, mind manipulation/control, reality warping, weather manipulation, matter manipulation, able to devour other immortals, time manipulation.

Physical strength: Likely city level+

Destructive capacity: City level+ (casually split the clouds). Can also bypass durability with mind control.

Durability: City level+ (immortality and regeneration make him difficult to put down, his true form is also non-corporeal)

Speed: Hypersonic+ (also has teleportation/warping, potentially has a sort of nigh omnipresence. Ronnie can appear where ever he wants and he can be summoned “simply by thinking about him”)

Intelligence: Genius.

Stamina: Limitless.

Standard equipment: None notable.

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