Origins: Generator Rex

Classification: Human. E.V.O. (Exponentially Variegated Organism)

Gender: Male.

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Machine manifestation, Transformation, E.V.O curing, Energy Projection, Electricity Manipulation, concussive shock waves, Enhanced Senses (Nanites give him a buzzing feeling whenever a threat is nearby), Mid-low Regeneration (Can heal much faster than the average person, Nanites can also restart his heart should it shut down for some reason) High Resistance to Poisons, Diseases, Toxins/Gases and Mind Control, Technological manipulation | Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Anti Matter manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Reality bending (Meta Nanites )

Threat level: Dragon, Celestial class with Meta Nanite.

Physical strength: Island level via this Calc, Island+ with Omega-1 builds, Upgrade Suit and Omega E.V.O mode. (Just the shockwaves of his punch on an E.V.O could bust 4-6 city blocks in the very first episode, Has since become much stronger) At least Island+ with upgrade Suit . Immeasurable with Meta Nanite

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Island level, At least Island+ with Omega-1 builds, Upgrade Suit and Omega E.V.O mode. (Could overpower the consortium in base form and fight on par with the combined Consortium in Omega E.V.O moe) Universal level with Meta Nanite (Bends reality, Can manipulate space, time, matter, anti matter and energy which shapes the building blocks of the Universe, Was stated by his brother Caesar, who created the Meta Nanite to be the most powerful being in the Universe, though this power is more or less impossible to obtain again due to shutting it off permanently, though it still dwells inside him as a safe lock)

Durability: Island level, Island+ with shields, Upgrade suit and Omega E.V.O mode. pseudo-Immortality makes him more difficult to kill (If his heart is crushed or shut down his Nanites bring it back to life and regenerate it to a certain degree) Universal level with Meta Nanite

Speed: Supersonic+ travel speed, Massively hypersonic combat and reaction speed via this calc(Lightning timer, Avoided a real lightning bolt on two different occasions, Consistently does feats such as Punching back rockets and dodging lasers while airborne), Immeasurable with Meta Nanite

Intelligence: Is rebellious and obnoxious, However is Academically gifted. Came from a family of Hispanic scientists, Scored perfect scores on Trigonometry tests which were said to be impossible to do, Can turn the tide of the battle in his favor, Is very manipulative and witty, Can adapt to the most harsh of situations. Very skilled acrobat and combatant.

Stamina: Very High. Can fight E.V.O's for hours straight on end, Is an endurance freak, Can continue fighting top tiers and god tiers with damaged insides, Immeasurable with Meta Nanite.  

Standard equipment: Rex's Goggles (Which grant him Infrared, Nano, Microscopic and X-Ray vision) Providence stealth suit (Which grants him invisibility) and Power Suit (Which grants him more range with transportation builds)

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