Origins: Black Lagoon

Alias/aka: Revy, Two-hand, Rebbeca (real name)

Classification: Human mercenary

Threat level: Wolf-

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics

Physical strength: Superhuman level striking (Somewhat held her own in a punching contest vs Roberta)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Street level+, up to building depending on weaponry

Durability: At least superhuman+ (possibly wall level, she can take hits from people with superhuman strength feats)

Speed: Peak human, faster than the eye reactions (can fight people with superhuman speed feats such as bullet timing)

Intelligence: High. Expert mercenary, although somewhat hot headed.

Stamina: High. A good damage soaker, she can continue prolonged fights even with opponents as damaging as Roberta whom is basically a superhuman.

Range: Hundreds of meters with pistols

Standard equipment: The Cutlass (twin customized Beretta M92s with silencers), sometimes carries grenade launchers, RPGs, submachineguns or sniper rifles in combat

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