This is pretty self-explanatory; Since neither I (MAD SOULER) nor Adam of Darkness have the capacity to save every single scan of every single feat we come across or are requested to do, I figured that making a page like this should be a good idea.


Yes, this page has rules. Please follow them.

  1. Scans should be available (In case of Manga/comic/game feats) or paragraph(s) (in case of Light/Visual novels)
  2. Post the scans in the comment section. DO NOT post them on message walls.
  3. In case of feats with multiple scans, post the remaining scans in the reply section of YOUR OWN comment.
  4. Each comment will be dealt with as a single independent feat.
  5. Feats will be calculated in a 1-2 days time frame so please have patience.

Calc staff and Calc staff application

Current calc staff

  • MAD SOULER (Me, Head of the calc staff. All calcs go through me before being posted.)
  • Adam of Darkness
  • TheDSA (7) (Wiki founder. Also reviews calcs before being posted usually, however does not take requests.)

Calc staff application

We're always glad to have another pair of hands and eyes to help, but there are a few requirements that must be met in order to apply to the calc staff

  1. Knowledgeable in Physics
  2. Read the Calculation guide
  3. Be an active and participating member in the wiki