Ren Fujii

Origin: Dies Irae

Classification: Mercurius's "son", Longinus Dreizhen Orden #13

Age: 16 years (Physically), over 80 years (Lotus's soul age)

Gender: Male

Threat level: Tiger || Demon || Demon || Omega || Omega

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, enhanced senses, Soul Manipulation, Immortality, Regeneration (High-low), Time Manipulation (Can speed up his own time with Eiens Faust Overture although he doesn't have full control over it) || All of the aforementioned along with Time manipulation (Can control his Eiens Faust overture better), the ability to kill immortals permanently || All of the aforementioned along with Time manipulation (Can slow down time and speed up his own time) || All of the aforementioned along with Reality warping, Time stop (Multiversal scale. Is able to stop time even in a place where time doesn't exist) || All of the aforementioned along with Shadow manipulation (Via Rusalka's Beri'ah), Intangibility (Via Kei and Beatrice's Beri'ah), conceptual Erasure (Via Machina's Beri'ah)

Physical strength: Town level (Can fight against Sakurai in her Yetzirah whom possesses hundreds of souls. A thousand souls allows the user of Ahnenerbe to withstand nuclear attacks) || City level (Can fight on par with heavy hitters of the LDO like Machina, Tubal Cain and Wilhelm) || Mountain level (Was able to overwhelm the Three Battalion commanders which includes Machina whom was able to oneshot Tubal Cain whom, in turn, is able to cut mountains with ease) || Metaverse level || Metaverse level

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Town level || City level || Mountain level (Same reasoning as for his physical strength)|| Metaverse level (Reinhard who is below Yato Tenma (Ren Fujii) was able to rewrite 2 infinite multiverses) || Metaverse level

Durability: Town level || City level || Mountain level (Was able to tank attacks from Machina and Wilhelm. Was able to take hits from a casual 7-swatsikas Reinhard) || Metaverse normally (Was able to tank Hajun's influence for 8000 years, who one shotted 3 Metaversal beings instantly by existing/Higher with his Time Armor since he receives no damage until he restores the flow of time,and you have to be above or equal to him to do that) || Metaverse level

Speed: At least hypersonic combat speed and Massively hypersonic reactions (Is able to react to lightning fired by Tubal Cain || Massively hypersonic combat speed normally, Can boost himself to sub relativistic speeds with Eiens Faust Overture (Sped himself up to thousands of to a thousand times from his prior speed) up to FTL+ (Was able to trade 50 blows with Reinhard in less than a hundredth of a microsecond) || Immeasurable || Immeasurable (bypassed the concept of speed)

Intelligence: Above average (Is tactically competent and can devise good plans in the heat of moment. Stated to be doing relatively well in his studies) || Nigh omniscient

Stamina: High (Still not accostumed to his Ahnenerbe but is still physically superior to normal humans) || Very high (Can keep up his Beri'ah for relatively long time) || Nigh limitless || Nigh limitless

Standard equipment: Margueritte Bois de Justice || Time armor

Keys: Kasumi's route/Common sense route || Sakurai's route and Marie's route (Pre-Atziluth) || Atziluth (Marie's route) || Atziluth (Rea's route) and Legion

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