Origins: K (K Project)

Alias/aka: Reisi Munakata, Blue King, Captain

Classification: Human, King (Blue King), Blue clansman

Threat level: Tiger+, Demon via a "suicide" move

Physical strength: At least building+, Large building+ when amped by his red aura (Can compete with Mikoto Suoh)

Destructive capacity: At least city block+ (Comparable to Mikoto Suoh). City+ in a suicide move (a King overusing his powers can cause an explosion capable of taking out a city)

Durability: At least city block+ (Effortlessly blocks barrage of fire from dozens of machine guns simultaneously, inferior characters have blocked large building+ attacks, comparable to Mikoto Suoh)

Speed: At least supersonic+, likely higher (can react at close range to gun shots and to attacks from other Kings, including the Gray King's bullets which are amped by his aura increasing their speed and strength)

Intelligence: Very high. Leader of SCEPTER 4, an organization which holds great manipulation over the japanese goverment.

Stamina: Very high. Could continue fighting effectively against Red King Mikoto Suoh with barely any bother despite having his stomach stabbed.

Standard equipment: Sirius saber

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