Origins: ReMember

Alias: Reiji-San, The bronze 

Classification: Human, Mob boss 

Threat level: Wolf (Can casually dodge bullets and took on someone who was a peak human threat with superhuman strength and speed and managed to outmatch him.) 

Age: Unknown (Is the older brother of Ichi however) 

Gender: Male 

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength and speed, Martial artist 

Physical strength: Superhuman

Destructive capacity: Street level+ 

Durability: Unknown (Hasn't taken blows since the manga started, could be street level) 

Speed: Supersonic (Dodged bullets at point blank range, a rival mob boss stated bullets would be useless against him.) 

Intelligence: Very high, great battle tactician

Stamina: Very High 

Standard Equitment: His sword 

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