Origins: Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star)

Classification: Human king, Hokuto Shin Ken master

Threat level: Demon

Physical strength: Town level striking (One of the strongest characters in Hokuto no Ken verse, comparable to pre-timeskip Kenshiro)

Destructive capacity: Town (At least comparable to Kenshiro and Souther's whos clashing aura's collapsed Souther pyramid. Opened a large hole in a cloud with his dying energy.)

Durablity: Town (Took blows from Ken and only surrendered till he got hit by a Musou Tensei surpassing his own.)

Speed: At least hypersonic+

Intelligence: High. A prodigy in martial arts, being much more powerful than young and early series Kenshiro. A capable conqueror and ruler whom efficiently took advantage of the post apocalyptic setting of their world to establish his own empire.

Stamina: Very high. Could fight Kenshiro while already terminally ill, and even then after a grueling battle with many damage and taking a Musou Tensei directly he could still stand and even continue to attack.

Standard equipment: Armor and helmet (although he doesnt really use them for combat), his horse Kokuoh

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