MGR Raiden

Origins: Metal Gear

Alias/Aka(also known as): Raiden (codename), Jack (real name), Jack the Ripper, White Devil

Classification: Human Cyborg, Rehabilitated Family Man, Freelancing Agent (previously worked for many different organizations), Secretly a Ninja

Threat level: Demon+

Physical strength: Small town (Can cut into Senator Armstrong, who has Town durability and Nuke tanking, slashed and hacked apart his town sized mech)

Destructive capacity: Small town (Can match Jetstream Sam and Senator Armstrong blow to blow, power increases twice of that when using his synchro "Jack the Ripper" mode), can ignore durability to an extent with his high-frequency blade.

Durability: Small town (Took many blows from Armstrong)

Speed: Superhuman, massively hypersonic reactions (beat Solidus) | Massively hypersonic | Massively hypersonic | Massively hypersonic+  (Mach 2000+)

Intelligence: Expert combatant, trained how to kill people since childhood, taught by Solidus Snake how to fight, has his own self-taught style which mixes break dance, Capoeira and other arts with his sword skills to form a unique way to fight.

Stamina:  Very Large (can fight for multiple bouts in succession with the longest battle lasting for about 30 minutes straight, can stay up for days without any food)

Standard Equipment:  HF Blade, knives,  Solid Eye based AR visor, Stinger and RPG missiles, various grenades.

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