Origins: Kill La Kill

Classification: Life fiber imbued human, president of REVOCS corporation

Threat level: Maoh

Physical strength: Continent+ level striking (Even more powerful than Senketsu-Kisaragi Ryuko)

Destructive capacity: Continent+

Durability: Continent+

Speed: At least massively hypersonic (can reach orbit in a few seconds, could keep up with both Satsuki and Ryuko at the same time in her base, and when using Shinra-Koketsu she was above even Senketsu-Kisaragi Ryuko)

Intelligence: Genius. CEO of REVOCS, worlds top clothing company which in reality was a facade to distribute life fiber imbued clothes and take the world under life fiber control. Extensively knowledge in many fields like science and combat, including unorthodox knowledge like the flow of life energy in human body.

Stamina: Likely nigh limitless. Could fight multiple opponents straight receiving great damage without even showing fatigue, continued functioning even when cut into multiple pieces. Never showed any signs of noteworthy pain, exhaustion nor of losing consciousness her upper limits in stamina are completely unknown and likely borderline limitless due to the regeneration and enhanced physique granted to her by the life fibers. Likely even heightened youth as her appearance 20 years prior to the series events is nigh identical to her appearance during the series events.

Standard equipment: The ultimate kamui "Shinra-Koketsu" (a cloth that heightens her stats and grants her complete dominion over life fibers), 2 blades made of ultra-hardened life fibers, life fiber rolls for sewing.