Origins: Tiger x Crane

Classification: Human, Exorcist Battalion Commander

Threat level: Dragon-

Physical strength: At least large building+

Destructive capacity: Likely city+ (Vastly overpowered White Side Rosa who is Demon lord rank)

Durability: City

Speed: At least massively hypersonic+ (Faster than White Side Rosa, sister of Black Wind Rosa. Known as "Violet Lightning" her speed was compared to lightning moving at a peak speed of 1/3rd the speed of light. Although however it was mentioned she doesnt reach that same speed, but it is an imperceptible difference to the human eye.)

Intelligence: Likely genius. Due to her skills she holds the position of Battalion commander amongst the kingdom's official exorcist. Has been clearly implied more capable than her brother whom is a prodigy and has shown herself to be extremely cunning and manipulative, making her brother play into her plan unknowingly.

Stamina: Likely very high.

Standard equipment: None shown so far

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