Power mimicry


Power Mimicry is the ability to imitate or replicate the abilities or powers of others. The methods and limitations of this ability vary between media, but users will generally need to encounter the power or the power's user in order to imitate it. The effects may be temporary or permanent, and particularly powerful wielders of this ability can combine the powers they copied for even more devastating effects.


1) Physical techniques: The user can copy basically any fighting technique after seeing it once

2) Limited Power Mimicry: The users can copy physical abilities as well as other powers if the nature of the said power suits the user. For example, if a character can use water and air based techniques, it can copy other techniques based on water and air elements, but wont be able to copy Fire or Electric based attacks.

3) Energy Based attacks: The user can copy physical techniques as well as energy based attacks even if the nature of the attack is not in its arsenal. For Example, if a character can copy all element based attacks even though his own techniques are water based, he would be listed under this type