Origins: Bastard!!

Classification: Demon Lord, Generalissimo of Hells army

Threat level: Nova

Physical strength: At least island+, likely small planet+ (should be stronger than Konron whos punches produced destructive power comparable to a nukes, likely as strong as the Seraphs whom are casual planet busters)

Destructive capacity: Likely star (lower level beings are confirmed planet busters, likely scales to the Seraphs)

Durability: Likely star (Eternal atoms make her even much harder to keep down)

Speed: Massively Faster Than Light (via scaling, is a top tier demon)

Intelligence: At least high. Satan's trusted second in command, supreme general of hell.

Stamina: Very high. Can continue with onslaughts of attacks and combat for long periods of time. As an Eternal atom user she can somewhat ignore and regen from massive damage.

Standard equipment: None

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