Show us some magic trick, Genie
- Pirate Master before his boss fight

Origins: Shantae

Revived pirate master by bigmariofan99-d8jddd9

Classification: Undead Monstrosity, Sorceror, Scourge of Sequin Land, Full Powered Pirate King

Threat level: Dragon

Powers: Super-Human skills and endurance, Powerful Magic, Reality Warping, creation of clones, teleportation, manipulation matter, magical absorbsion, mind control, energy blasts

Physical strength: Over City Block+ (easily overwhelms both Risky Boots and Shantae at a fraction of his power when not fully revived)

Destructive capacity: Island+ level (reality warped an entire island with only a fraction of his power), likely country+ level at full power (enslaved the entire country, took Risky Boots' betrayal and the sacrifice of every genie to bring him down)

Durability: Over city block+ (wasn't harmed by Shantae's attacks, although he admitted she packed a punch thanks to his former gear), country+ at full power (took several hits from Shantae's full powered Genie form , where each strikes deals 999 damage, in a game where the strongest boss has barely above 500 hp, besides the Pirate Master who has 125000 HP, and that was only enough to stun him for Risky Boot to finish him off with several shots from a cannon used to wipe out entire islands)

Speed: Supersonic+ (The fastest enemy of the game)

Intelligence: Above Average. Was quickly able to dispatch Risky as soon as he realized she would betray him again, also make side plans to make sure he could get fully revived, but understimated Shantae ... just like Risky planned all this time.

Stamina: High, likely infinite on the account of being a magical Undead

Notable techniques:

  • Pirate's Curse - With his power, he can put any pirate under his control at will. It's so great it works even beyond the grave and Risky Boot was afraid to be possessed, hence why she didn't take him head on.
  • Magical Warping - The Pirate Master easily reality warped an entire island and promptly took it over with only a fraction of his power, despite all of his minion having been destroyed
  • Magic Crafting - Risky Boots' Pirate Gear came from him and indeed he quickly absorbs it and creates superior version of it once he deems Shantae nothing without it
  • Transformation: Grows to gigantic size and taps into his full power, creating empowered forms of the Pirate Gear to fight you and several clones

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