Origins: Bleach

Alias: Pernida Parnkgjas, "The Compulsory"

Classification: Soul King's limb (left hand), Quincy, Stern Ritter Schutzstaffel (Elite guard), Stern Ritter "C", Trascendental (higher dimensional spiritual being)

Threat level: Dragon

Age: Unknown

Gender: Genderless (is only an arm)

Powers and abilities: 

Physical strength: City+ striking (via scaling, Compulsory ignores conventional durability at least up to an extent) 

Destructive capacity: City+ (via scaling), at least country level potency (Compulsory ignores conventional durability at least up to an extent where in base it was able to easily tear apart Zaraki Kenpachi's arm)

Durability: Island+ (his regeneration and organic evolution make him much harder to take down)

Speed: At least massively Hypersonic (doesn't move much however)

Intelligence: Low, however progressively continues evolving.

Stamina: Extremely high, possibly limitless.

Standard Equipment: Hooded Wanden Reich uniform hiding his true form.

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