1115 The Stray 10473

I'm combat ready!

Origins: RWBY

Classification: Robot, Huntress(in-training)

Threat level: Tiger+

Powers and abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, manipulation of her Aura for offensive and defensive purposes, energy projection, flight, skilled swordsman.

Physical strength: City block level (Completely halted a van, overpowered and pulled a Bullhead airship out of the sky with ease which was also carrying a shipping container)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least city block (She easily cut two Bullhead airships in half, traded blows with Pyrrha)

Durability: At least city block (took hits from Pyrrha)

Speed: At least hypersonic+, likely high hypersonic+

Intelligence: Likely genius. Lacks direct showings of her intellect, but via the virtue of being an android made to be outstanding even among hunters/huntresses should make her effectively a genius. Somewhat lacking in experience with ordinary interactions as shes been over protected most of her life.

Stamina: High. It's currently unknown if she runs off any kind of power supply however she should likely have stamina on par with or greater than her fellow students.

Range: Dozens of meters with swords, hundreds of meters with energy beams.

Weaknesses: She is naive and has the habit of hiccuping when she lies.

Standard equipment: Numerous swords that are connected to her via strings.