LC GodCloth
Origins: Saint Seiya (The Lost Canvas)

Alias/Aka: Pegasus

Classification: Human, Saint knight (God knight with God cloth)

Threat level: Celestial-

Physical strength: Likely galaxy+ striking (Even stronger than Seiya via feats, was able to fight Hades)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Atomic level, likely universe+ as he damaged Alone/Hades whoms powers dwarf the big bang)

Durability: Universe+ (Took blows from Alone/Hades)

Speed: TFTC+ (Fast enough to keep up in combat against Alone/Hades)

Intelligence: Average.

Stamina: High. Has been trained to resist superhuman amounts of physical training since a child, is used to taking heavy damage and getting up via sheer will and could likely fight for entire days.

Standard equipment: Pegasus cloth/armor

Note: this profile covers The Lost Canvas version of Tenma, not Next Dimension

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