Origins: Saint Seiya

Alias/Aka: Pegasus

Classification: Human, Athena's knight, Bronce saibt, Saint of Pegasus

Threat level: Celestial-

Physical strength: At least galaxy+ (can overwhelm Galaxian Explosion with his fists)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Atomic level

  • Should have at least nigh universal+ potency in his attacks, however it is unknown if he can replicate this since Saint Seiya verse focuses attacks on the atomic scale to damage the most possible
  • However with the above mentioned point Seiya should still be at least a planetary threat since Hades easily moved every planet in the solar system with his will. Scaling from Virgo's weapon he should actually be at least star+.

Durability: At least nigh universal+ (resisted attacks from Hades real self)

Speed: At least TFTC (Beings far under God cloth Seiya have speed feats in the sextillions xSoL range, such as "Capricorn" Shura launching an attack faster than the initial expansion rate of the universe)

Intelligence: Average. Nothing specifically noteworthy in the intellectual capacity, Seiya mostly relies on his pure power and perseverance, has considerable experience as a fighter.

Stamina: High. Has been trained to resist superhuman amounts of physical training since a child, is used to taking heavy damage and getting up via sheer will and could likely fight for entire days.

Standard equipment: Pegasus cloth/armor

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