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Origins: Kyuusen no Shima

  • Spoiler: The Ox-headed woman is in reality Ox-headed women, there are several, each of them having nigh identical stats.

Classification: Humans, guardians of the sacred grounds

Threat level: Wolf

Powers and abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, skilled martial artists and proficient with a variety of edged weapons and chains.

Physical strength: Superhuman+, likely wall level striking (can swing around extremely large weaponry and tear humans in half with edged weapons)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least street level+, likely wall.

Durability: At least superhuman (survived blows from Shinanuji Kikuomi, including a slash across the back)

Speed: At least superhuman (at least comparable to human Kikuomi)

Intelligence: Likely high. Basically the elite of their cult which extends to the entire island they inhabit, in both their teachings and in combat.

Stamina: High. Above average humans.

Range: Extended melee.

Weaknesses: None specific.

Standard equipment: Their ox masks, a variety of different long edged weapons, chains with spiked maces on the end.

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