Origins:  Naruto

Classification: Human ninja

Threat level: Dragon-

Physical strength: City level+ striking

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: City+ (More powerful than Tsunade and likely than non-Sage mode Jiraiya)

Durability: City+, higher with Triple Rashoumon.

Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (Scales to the other Kage level fighters such as base Jiraiya)

Intelligence: Super genius. Veteran ninja with decades of experience. A prodigy whom was easily the most outstanding of the 3 Sannin in natural skill. Would of been the primary candidate to Hokage after Minato's death if he didnt have such a arguable and twisted mentality. An outstanding scientist who made many great discoveries, such as a technique for life. Overall one of the smartest characters in Naruto-verse.

Stamina: Extremely high as long as his body is in best conditions. Can literally be ripped to pieces and continue fighting due to his pseudo immortality. However as he requieres to change body every few years, his stamina does drop the closer it is to his current bodies expiration date.

Standard equipment: Kusanagi sword, kunai, invocation scrolls