Origins: Street Fighter

Classification: Immortal human

Threat level: Dragon+

Physical strength: Island+ (Comparable to Akuma, this while intentionally sealing one of his own arms to hold himself back)

Destructive capacity: Island+, much higher with Yagyou Odama (Creates a miniature sun)

Durability: Island+

Speed: Massively hypersonic+ (Capable of keeping pace in a fight with Akuma even while being restricted)

Intelligence: Very high. Is a master of his art, and likely oldest character in the series gathering wisdom and enlightenment across the years. Consider's Ki to be child's play, is able to imitate the Satsui no Hado effortlessly and has some type of greater understanding of the underlying connection between all of the power sources (Ki, Psycho Power, Soul Power, Satsu no Hado etc).

Stamina: Very high. Possibly nigh limitless due to his immortality.

Standard equipment: None.

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