Orihime render bleach 578 by rinasuzume-d8gx3yl
Origins: Bleach

Classification: Human, Spiritual anomally (she doesnt classify as any of the normal races in Bleach, however it was noted her powers where similar to those of a shinigami)

Threat level: Dragon-

Physical strength: At least peak human striking (lacks many physical strength showings, but she does have a few implications that shes extremely strong for human standards at least. Some of them being that she was considered enough a fighter to be a black belt in karate, she managed to swiftly incapacitate shinigami soldiers in a sneak attack and should receive some level of amping to her spiritual strength via her reiatsu even if that isnt the main focus of her abilities), likely higher.

Destructive capacity: At least building+ by herself, her Koten Zanshun somewhat ignores durability and her Shiten Koshun is at least town+ but only functions if the opponent attacks it himself (its a shield which rebounds the enemy attack with more power, has succesfully worked against opponents around captain class like Kugo Ginjo)

Durability: At least large building (survived an attack from Yammy, has enough spiritual power to rank highly in the Gotei 13), at least country with her shields (Can take casual attacks from Yhwach)

Speed: High human, at least massively hypersonic+ attacks and reactions (has reacted to attacks from captain class fighters like Ginjo, put up a shield in time to cover her, Ichigo and Chad from an explosion created by a tech for (at least) massively hypersonic+ travel speed. Has reacted to attacks from Soul King Yhwach.)

Intelligence: High. Appears to be dimwitted due to her clumsy and airheaded nature, however in reality she is one of the smartest students in her school. Also an above average fighter in comparison to human skill as stated by Tatsuki whom said shed rank highly in Karate.

Stamina: High. Can continue exerting her powers for prolonged periods of time and can keep on going even after heavy physical abuse. Also a naturally energetic individual even before obtaining powers.

Standard equipment: Her hairpins (Shun Shun Rikka)