Omnipotence as a whole

Omnipotence by definition means "All-powerful/All-capable/All-mighty". There is more than 1 definition of omnipotence according to the dictionary, the primary definition would be as stated. Secondary definitions are basically a being of great power and influence. True omnipotents are very scarce in fiction, however nigh omnipotents are more common.


Full/True Omnipotence

Full or true omnipotence would be the primary definition of omnipotence. A supreme being, all powerful, all capable and all mighty. By definition everything is part of this being and thus it is limitless. Due to the nature of omnipotence, a fully omnipotent being can not have any limitations and there can not be more than 1 per verse otherwise he wouldnt be ALL powerful. Logically a fully omnipotent being would be omniscient, omnipresent, omniversal and etc., however as a fully omnipotent being it would also obviously be capable of willingly deciding if he is or isnt. A fully omnipotent being is impossible to defeat unless he wills it as all power is simply a part of him. Infinity and omnipotence are not identical concepts, omnipotence is far superior as it is simply part of the "all" that the omnipotent posseses. As full omnipotence can not be concretly proven it tends to be a very controversial topic.

Examples of fully omnipotent beings would be TOAA from Marvel or M.O.M. from Image.

Nigh Omnipotence

Nigh omnipotence would be the secondary definition(s) of omnipotence. A being of great power and influence, with little or no parallel in his verse. A nigh omnipotent being might be a being whom is omnipotent up to his logical capacity (example, a supreme deity of light whom can not do evil as it contradicts his nature) and thus has a limitation due to this. Or it might just be an extremely powerful being or deity with little limitations. In order for a being to be considered nigh omnipotent he must be at least a high tier reality warper on a universe+ scale or higher.

Examples of nigh omnipotent beings would be Yog-Sothoth from Lovecraft mythos or Haruka Kaminogi from Noein: To You Other Self.

Virtual Omnipotence

Virtual omnipotence is essentially nigh omnipotence of the highest order. Virtually omnipotent beings are scarce and have little to no limits besides powers superior to their own.

Examples of virtually omnipotent beings would be Living Tribunal or pre-retcon Beyonder from Marvel comics.

Cube Omnipotence

Cube omnipotent is a term used to specify beings whom are nigh omnipotent in a specific area. Cube omnipotents usually are beings whom posses nigh omnipotence in places like dimensions of their creation, although this isnt necessarilly always the case.

Examples of cube omnipotents would be Shaman King Hao Asakura inside the Great Spirit from Shaman King or multiple beings like demon lords or cosmic cubes from Marvel comics.