Noblesse, Manhwa by udarsha45


Noblesse is a mahnwa which tells the story of Rai, a young man which suddenly wakes up from a coffin and finds himself in an apartment in the middle of the city. In reality, "Rai" is not a young man, he is Cadis Etrama Di Raizel the Noblesse, a high ranking noble (nobles are the race from which vampires originated). He soon finds himself meeting a young boy named Shin-Woo and studying in a regular high school in which he makes friends and meets with Frankenstein, his former servant. The story quickly unfolds into a battle between Rai and co. to protect what he holds dear, against the Union, a massive superhuman group which controls the human world from the shadows. The story expands introducing the nobles, werewolves and factions of the Union, in a struggle which could determine the worlds order.


As a serie Noblesse starts quite modestly with there power just like most, focusing mostly on speed. However, after reaching the high tiers it has gotten a huge boost, still focusing mostly on speed and power, high tier characters can at least create shockwaves strong enough to reduce city blocks to rubble and move at massively hypersonic speeds. Top tier characters have even higher showings of physical strength and have had feats like jumping several kilometers in at most a few seconds, and fighting even faster than that (easily 3 digit mach speeds). Non-high ranking characters are mostly limited to the ground, but high tiers have shown pseudo-flight due to levitation. There is a few special abilities in the verse, but it concentrates mostly in head-on clashes. Overall, Noblesse is quite a powerful verse with its top tiers being country threats, and theres still more to be seen.

P.s. Their level of elegance surpasses even their levels of power.

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