Origins: NieR

Classification: Human, Replicant

Threat level: God

Physical strength: At least town, possibly planet with full power magic

Destructive capacity: At least town, planet with full power magic

Durability: At least town, possibly planet with full power magic

Speed: Likely massively hypersonic+

Intelligence: Above average, a skilled and experienced combatant. Grimoire Weiss is a genius and brilliant tactician with a vast amount of knowledge on all kinds of subjects although his ego can get the better of him at times.

Stamina: High, can continue fighting with grievous injuries.

Standard equipment: One-handed swords, two-handed swords, daggers, axes and spears. Commonly depicted using a 2-handed sword called Beastlord. A sentient magical tome named Grimoire Weiss which is the source of all of Nier's magic.

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