Nico Robin Post TS

Origins: One Piece

Classification: Human pirate, Devil fruit user (Paramecia, bloom/flower woman)

Threat level: Demon-

Physical strength: At least building level striking (capable of much higher physical damage by targetting weak points, such as an opponents neck), at least large building+ with giant limbs

Destructive capacity: Large building

Durability: At least large building+, likely much higher (likely as high as town, has had a huge growth since timeskip in which she could already stand large building level damage, currently she can take likely take hits from at least the lower end mid tiers of the verse)

Speed: At least massively hypersonic (likely MHS+, could follow Hacuba's speed despite Hacuba being fast enough to blitz MHS characters, also could intercept Luffy and Jinbei whom where at least semi serious)

Intelligence: Very high. One of the smartest of the Strawhat crew, likely being a genius. Remarkable historian and archeologist, only known left in the world which can read the Ryo Phoneglyph's. Very insightful and calculating, she is able to make use of her abilities in extremely skilled fashions which often give her fighting chance against opponents with much higher brute power.

Stamina: Very high. Lived through getting stabbed through the chest by Crocodile and withstood spikes falling on her without flinching.

Standard equipment: None notable.