Origins: The Matrix

Alias/Aka: Thomas A. Anderson, Mr. Anderson, "The One"

Classification: Human, "The One"

Threat level: Demon-

  • Note that this profile does not cover Neo's normal self which would only be normal to high human in his stats.
  • All the stats in this profile could potentially be even higher since as "The One", Neo essentially manipulates the programs in The Matrix to be capable of performing such feats

Physical strength: At least city block+

Destructive capacity: At least city block

Durability: At least city block+

Speed: At least hypersonic+ (Casual bullet timer, fought dozens of Smiths in Reloaded, flew much faster than a truck explosion, flew hundreds of kilometers in a few minutes and flew half a city before Trinity fell from a few floors down to the ground and was stated to be the fastest thing he ever saw by an operator. Is considerably above this in Revolutions)

Intelligence: High. Highly competent and learned multitudes of different capacities useful for survival, including pretty much every martial arts known by the people of Zion (most, if not all of the martial arts known on the planet seeing as all they inputed into Neo's brains are obtained from the collective knowledge of The Matrix)

Stamina: High. Far above normal humans.

Standard equipment: Usually none

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