Origins: Naruto

Alias/Aka: Child of Prophecy

Classification: Human ninja, Jinchuuriki (host of tailed beasts), Rikudo (user of the power of the 6 paths), Hokage

Threat level: God-

Age: 12-13 (Pre timeskip) , 27 (EoS)

Gender: Male

Power and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Chakra Manipulation, Statistics Amplification, Summoning, Duplication, Healing, Shapeshifting, Regeneration (Low-Mid), Can make chakra arms and extend them by will

Physical strength: At least Building level striking (Broke through haku's mirrors. His strikes affected Gaara, whom was not affected by sasuke's strikes), higher with combination attacks. At least city block with one tail cloak (Matched CS level 2 Sasuke) || At least Small planet level striking strength (Naruto could shove back and palm away an attack which sliced the moon in half), likely higher (Still has his Kurama mode which amplifies his strength further)

Attack potency/Destructive capacity: At least building physically, higher with explosive tags and combination attacks (Kept up with transformed Gaara). Building with Rasengan, City block with Summoning. At least city block+ with One tail Cloak || At least Small planet+ (Knocked out Toneri with a single punch in KCM), likely higher (Has other transformations which amplifies his stats several times)

Durability: At least Building Physically (Took a full powered kyuubi amped attack of himself, that neiji reversed on him. Took attacks from transformed Gaara. Took attacks from CS Sasuke). At least City block+ with one tail cloak || At least Small planet+, likely higher

Speed: At least Supersonic, Likely higher (Casually blitzed some fodder Ninja and Saved Inari,Should be Comparable with Sasuke). Hypersonic with One tail cloak (Completely blitzed Haku in his mirrors) || At least Sub Relativistic (Crossed a crater which was comparable to Moon's diameter in couple of seconds in Base, Reacted to Golden Wheel Rebirth in KCM, Crossed distance equivalent to Earth's Diameter in seconds), likely relativistic (Dodged Light Fang)

Intelligence: Below average academically, but is an experienced combatant and great at improvisation, effectively a battle genius. Developed the Rasenshuriken which neither Minato nor Kakashi could accomplish, both of whom are genius'. By his adulthood is capable enough to lead the entire village of Konoha, the most important ninja village in the ninja based world of Naruto.

Stamina: High. Can easily resist physical labor for hours without end, likely much higher in his Rikudo form. 

Range: Hundreds of meters with shadow clones || Hundreds of kilometers


Standard equipment: Ninja headband, kunai, shuriken, scrolls for toad summoning.

Keys: Pre timeskip/Kid Naruto || Adult Naruto

Noteworthy techniques and abilities 

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