Origins: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 6: Stone Ocean)

Alias: Narciso Anasui

Classification: Human, Stand User

Threat level: Demon 

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilities: Phasing, Release attack

Physical strength: Diver Down's strength rating is an A so it should be around City block+ (Its ability ignores conventional durability) 

Destructive capacity: Diver Down can phase through a body and cause destruction on the inside so destructive capacity should be irrelevant to it. Also can imprint strikes on surfaces and release them. 

Durability: Peak Human+ (Survived attacks from fictional characters made by Bohemian Rhapsody) 

Speed: FTL+ for Diver Down, Peak Human for Narciso

Intelligence: High 

Stamina: High

Standard Equipment: A ring which he carried to ask Jolyne to marry him. 

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