Nami 1

Origins: One Piece

Classification: Human pirate

Threat level: Tiger+

Physical strength: Superhuman

Destructive capacity: At least building+ with Clima-tact

Durability: At least large building (took blows from Kalifa even before the timeskip)

Speed: Superhuman, at least high hypersonic+ reactions, massively hypersonic attacks with lightning bolts from the Clima-tact


Intelligence: Very high. One of the smartest of the Strawhat crew, likely being a genius as it was noted that she was 3rd smartest character introduced in the East Blue arc. Possesses great talent as a navigator and cartographer. Her talent was such that despite her being a novice, Arlong whom had already navigated in the Grand Line extorted her to keep her working for him drawing maps. Her capacity as a navigator is borderline second to none, being capable of reading and predicting weather normally considered to be unpredictable, even while being in ill health. Cunning and tactical, she has managed to defeat enemies which greatly outclassed her.

Stamina: Very high. Has continued fighting even after taking massive beatings, including a knee to the face from Kalifa and getting her body pierced through.

Standard equipment: Clima-tact (a multi piece rod which she uses to create natural reactions to manipulate the weather in her surroundings)

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