Origins: Mushrambo (Shinzo)

Classification: Hyper Enterran, Celestial guardian

Threat level: God+

Physical strength: At least continent+ striking

Destructive capacity: At least planet+ (Overwhelmed and defeated Lanancuras, a planetary threat)

Durability: At least planet+ (His body stopped a part of the sun moving at FTL speeds towards Enterra/Earth which had already easily plowed through 2 planets in its path)

Speed: Sub-relativistic+ (traveled the planets diameter in a zigzag pattern in a few seconds while clashing with Lanancuras along the way)

Intelligence: Average. Likely higher when he recovers his memories as a Celestial guardian. Also a genius combatant with a huge amount of experience (at one point he was the guardian of an entire galaxy)

Stamina: Very high. Got up to continue fighting despite continuous massive beatings from Lanancuras.

Standard equipment: Staff/Spear

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