Kuroko Koumori is sentenced to death for the murder of over 700 people. When she is about to be executed she is shown a teenage girl, asking if she would kill her. Kuroko answers "no" due to seeing no merit in it. This results to be a test which she succesfully passes and is asked to work for the country as an "Executioner". Thus she is paired up with the girl she was shown, Hinako and her job as a national executioner begins. Kuroko, a serial killer lesbian with huge I cup breasts, standing at nearly 2 meters tall in height. Hinako, a short busty highschool girl whom is more than meets the eye. The story of Murciélago revolves around the bizarre events these 2 twisted characters end up involved in.


The verse so far isnt very powerful and likely wont be. It focuses mainly around peak humans and low superhumans, best feats being superhuman speeds amped further by precognition and a few characters with enough strength to bend steel and rip humans apart with little effort. Most Murciélago characters also tend to use some sort of weapon which makes them quite a nasty threat to other peak human-bottom tier superhumans.

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