Morrigan 3

Origins: DarkStalkers

Classification: Succubus, Makai noble

Threat level: God+, Big Bang-, Celestial or Quantum (depends on version: ex: how complete she is and if she gets composite feats)

Physical strength: At least island+ striking via scaling, likely massively higher

Destructive capacity: At least planet+ at base, galaxy+ at 2/3rd's (via virtue of scaling, is stronger than Pyron who can grow larger than the Milky way galaxy and is a serious threat to even Jedah Dohma), likely universe+ when complete (Her simple existence threatened all of the immeasurable plane of Makai, likely strongest being in the verse, scaling to or above beings like Jedah whom manipulated "God's Fetus" or Belial Aensland whom can kill galaxy+ beings with a mere swing of his arm). At least multiverse if composite (implied to be one of the strongest characters in Project X and that she could pretty much solo if she where to be serious, Project X revolving around the all the multiple Capcom and Namco universes being fused by the antagonist)

Durability: At least planet+ at base, galaxy+ at 2/3rd's, likely universe+ when complete, at least multiverse if composite.

Speed: Faster than light to varying degree depending on how complete she is.

Stamina: High

Intelligence: High

Standard equipment: Nothing notable.