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Origins: One Piece

Classification: Human pirate, artificial harpy, Devil fruit user (Logia, snow woman)

Threat level: Demon

Physical strength: At least multi block+ striking (overwhelmed Tashigi, could fight casual Zoro and Luffy), can vary depending on the environment

Destructive capacity: Town, can vary depending on the environment (Scales above most pre-skip characters besides high tiers)

Durability: Town (logia intangibility makes it harder to keep her down)

Speed: Supersonic+ travel speed, massively hypersonic attacks and reactions (could fight a casual Luffy and Zoro)

Intelligence: Very high. A great researcher, managed to gain complete trust from Doflamingo and Caeser. Could perform well efficiently enough in combat to stall a casual Luffy and Zoro despite being considerably stronger than her.

Stamina: High.

Standard equipment: Giant icepicks

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