Origins: Medaka Box

Classification: Abnormal human, Minus

Threat level: God+, Celestial- via hax

Physical strength: At least city block level striking (could compete with Minus arc Medaka, Medaka in the Enforcer arc which is considerably earlier could drag buildings around)

Destructive capacity: At least planet+ (stated he could erase the world by accident)

  • It is worth noting that Kumagawa's hax abilities can affect even universe level beings. He managed to seal Ajimu Najimi and in the novels he went as far as erasing colors from existence.

Durability: At least city block+, likely higher (These stats are pretty much the same since he was introduced so he might of gotten stronger. Also, All-Fiction activates passively so unless hes damaged or killed by normal means he will just get back up a few moments after)

Speed: Hypersonic (one of the fastest characters in the series barring the God tiers), can perform tasks instantly after he thinks them by erasing the timeframe needed to perform them with his All-Fiction

Intelligence: Genius. Just like most relevant characters, Kumagawa is at least a genius. Shown constantly outsmarting other geniuses from Hinokawa academy in games or combat. Only ever been shown to be intellectually inferior to the highest geniuses in the series, such as Ajimu, Medaka, Naze/Kujira and such.

Stamina: Very high. Can pretty much take torture and heavy illness with little signs of pain. According to himself hes used to being a mistreaten underdog all his life hence why he can take punishment so easily.

Standard equipment: Screws. Kumagawa always carries around screws of all shapes and sized which he appears whenever he needs them.

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