Origins: Outer Zone

Classification: ???

Threat level: Tiger+

  • Is likely much higher, this profile is updating along the scanlations of the Outer Zone being released

Physical strength: Unknown, at least high human

Powers and abilities:

Destructive capacity: Unknown, likely a planetary threat with some artifacts from the Outer Zone

Durability: Unknown, at least superhuman

Speed: At least hypersonic (caught all the pellets from a shotgun bullet shot at point blank without the shooter realizing it), likely nigh omnipresent (Acts as a sort of narrator for the story events which can happen anywhere, including other planets or even dimensions. Constantly has shown to be in one spot and then appear in another instantly when it is required for her to be there.)

Intelligence: Very high, possibly nigh omniscient. Has keen knowledge on our world and the "Outer Zone", a place which is above human comprehension. Seems to be pretty much nigh omniscient in various points of the story, constantly manipulating the stories to play out as what she deems interesting.

Stamina: Unknown.


Weaknesses: Unknown

Standard equipment: None shown normally but can apparently use objects from the Outer Zone as she sees fit

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