Origins: K (K Project)

Alias/aka: Mikoto Suoh, Red King

Classification: Human, King (Red King), Red clansman

Threat level: Tiger+, Demon via a "suicide" move

Physical strength: At least building+, Large building+ when amped by his red aura (effortlessly knocked down half a clock tower)

Destructive capacity: At least city block+, likely higher (his final attack to the Silver King caused a large crater). City+ in a suicide move (a King overusing his powers can cause an explosion capable of taking out a city)

Durability: At least city block+ (effortlessly blocked Awashima Seri's attacks with his aura, can fight other Kings, survived the explosion from his final attack against the Silver King)

Speed: At least supersonic+, likely higher (can react at close range to gun shots and to attacks from other Kings, his aura travelled kilometers in a few seconds)

Intelligence: High.

Stamina: Very high. Comparable to Reisi Munakata whom was fighting with barely any bother despite having his stomach stabbed.

Standard equipment: None notable

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