Origins: Naruto

Classification: Human ninja

Threat level: Demon || Dragon || Maoh

Physical strength: At least city block+ || Ranges from town to city+ || At least country+, at least continent with Night Moth

Destructive capacity: Large building || Ranges from town to city+ || At least island (Potency is much higher, equivalent to his physical strength)

Durability: Town || Higher || At least country+

Speed: High hypersonic+ in base || At least massively hypersonic+ (Superior to Rock Lee who can intercept Madara's Gudou Dama's and escape) || Massively hypersonic+, possibly sub-relativistic with Night Moth

Intelligence: Below average academically, but has a great amount of field experience as a leader and fighter. Due to his determination he became such a good taijutsu user that he became debatably best in these branch of techniques, being praised by Rikudo Madara to be such.

Stamina: High. Can easily resist heavy physical labor for hours without end, possibly even days. 

Standard equipment: Kunai, Shuriken, Weighted clothing, Ninja headband (Konoha headband, although he doesn't actually wear it on his forehead)

Key: Base || 6th and 7th Gate || 8th Gate

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