Mercy portrait
Origins: Overwatch

Alias/aka: Dr. Angela Ziegler (Real name), Mercy (Codename)

Classification: Human hero, Overwatch member, Scientist/Doctor, "Guardian angel of the battle field" (Field medic and rescuer)

Threat level: Wolf

Physical strength: Likely superhuman (Overwatch heroes tend to have superhuman strength)

Destructive capacity: Wall

Durability: At least wall (Other Overwatch females like Widowmaker whom doesnt even use armor unlike Mercy, have durability feats that are easily superhuman)

Speed: Superhuman, likely hypersonic reactions

Intelligence: Genius. A scientist leading in her field.

Stamina: Above average.

Standard equipment: Valkyrie suit, Caduceus staff, Caduceus blaster

Mercy Carefree
Mercy Ready for Battle
Mercy overwatch-HD


Overwatch Halloween: Witch Mercy

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