Origins: Megaman Battle Network

Classification: Net navi

Threat level: God+, Celestial in his strongest forms

Physical strength: Likely at least mountain level, likely universe level in his strongest forms

Destructive capacity: Planet+ (Defeated planetary threats such as Alpha and Duo), Universe+ in his strongest forms (The net in Battle Network/NT Warrior/Starforce extends vastly outside of Earth and is basically its own alternate universe, with even some pocket universes in it such as the "Dark Universe" created by Dr. Regal and controlled by Nebula Grey in MMBN5)

Durability: Planet+, Universe+ in his strongest forms

Speed: MFTL+ (Could fight Duo, could also fight Geo Stellar Megaman from Starforce in the official crossover), TransUniversalx in his strongest forms (could affect the entire net in just a few seconds)

Intelligence: Very high. A highly advanced and unique program/navi. Virtually a combat genius, with plenty of experience seeing as he and Lan have saved the world at least 6 times.

Stamina: Very high, likely virtually limitless in his strongest forms.

Standard equipment: His standard equipment depends on the info sent to him as he is a virtual program, usually in the form of battle chips. His most standard equipment is his mega buster.

  • Megaman.EXE base
  • Megaman.EXE Bass Cross
  • Megaman.EXE Double Beast Out/Juuka Style
  • Megaman.EXE Bug Style
  • Megaman.EXE Hub Style
  • Megaman.EXE and rivals (Protoman.EXE and Bass.EXE)

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