Medaka in all her different stages

Origins: Medaka Box

Classification: Abnormal human, Main character/Hero

Threat level: God+

Physical strength: Town+ striking, at least multi continent with Pangaea Crusher, likely small planet with End God mode (it is insinuated that the moon couldn't be taken down by an "ability" since Kumagawa couldn't affect it and Medaka couldn't destroy it either without actually reaching it)

Destructive capacity: At least moon+ with End God mode (Medaka made the moon disappear)

  • It is worth noting that Medaka's hax abilities can affect even universe level beings

Durability: At least moon+ (survived the moons destruction even after taking blows from Iihiko who was stronger than what Ajimu or Medaka could amp themselves to, has abilities that can ignore or negate death but she'd need to activate them before dying)

Speed: Supersonic in base with hypersonic reactions, hypersonic with Kurokami Phantom, likely relativistic with Kurokami Phantom Proper version and lightspeed with End God mode

Intelligence: Super genius. Medaka's intellectual capacity is effectively comparable to a computer and would easily reach the 300+ IQ range in real life standards, she has feats such as deciphering a number based language created by another super genius simply by hearing a few sentences. Just as her intellectual capacity suggests, she is effectively a battle genius with incredible skill in combat and also considerable experience.

Stamina: High. Can physically extenuate herself for hours if not more, has been being capable of fighting thousands of beings in a row or at the same time even if each individually would provide a slight challenge to her.

Standard equipment: None. Medaka actually would probably go around naked if she could instead of carrying extra things on her person.