Medaka Box is the story of Medaka Kurokami and Hitoyoshi Zenkichi of the student council in Hakoniwa academy.  Medaka becomes the student council president with Zenkichi as her aide, they fulfill the requests dropped in her request box and look for the members to complete the student council adequately. Medaka's student council soon becomes involved in a struggle with the public morals comitee, but after doing battle with them they only discover that it is all simple part of a bigger plan. Hakoniwa academy was made for the purpose of something called the "flask plan", gathering superhumans from across the entire country trying to complete there plan. From this point on, Medaka, Zenkichi and the rest of the cast have to face off against superhuman opponents with extraordinary abilities!



Medaka Box is an extremely varied verse, being based mostly of special abilities in fight, it is extremely hax. Characters in Medaka Box are divided as: normal (your average human), special (human with extraordinary talent) and abnormal (with abilities above human standards). Furthermore the more special abnormals are divided even further into minus, plus and not equals. Every abnormal has a special ability which makes them clearly superhuman, furthermore even there physical capabilities far surpass human standards. Any noteworthy being in the verse is at least hypersonic, with a few tons of striking strength and building level durability. However this is nothing to the top tiers of the verse, who have: at least continent+ level strength, extreme speeds depending on the special abilities they wield, durability to take hits from people on there level of power and hax abilities which can affect up to a universal range. Besides "abilities" possesed by the abnormals, there are also "style (language) users", which use a special variation of powers that can be learned and can not be negated by "abilities", these "styles" are all very haxed and work by comunicating the power being used to the opponent by a specie of word play (however this does not particularly mean that there opponent has to hear the "style" they are using for it to affect them). Overall with abilities like Kumagawa's All-Fiction which can erase aspects of reality, Medaka's "The End" which permits her to learn any ability (and since its learned, not copied, she can actually even improve it), Ajimu's quadrillion abilities, Iihiko's irreversible damage and Proffesor Fukurou's all style usage, it is one of the most haxed verses in overall anime/manga. Pretty much nothing under universe level has any opportunity against this verse.


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